Drapers distributes exclusive fabrics made from excellent raw materials, using high quality production methods resulting in a distinctive style.

Arturo Lolli, after years of dedicated collaboration with leading companies in the textile sector, decided to open his own business. He founded DRAPERS, in the heart of Bologna, drawing on the experience of decades of work, knowledge of fabric and acute sensitivity in human relations. DRAPERS is a small family business, which involves the whole Lolli clan: at the father’s elbow is the eldest son, Giovanni. Together they can count on a select and enthusiastic group of competent people.

Domenico Lolli has been the man at the helm of Drapers, always with the same enthusiasm as when, as a very young man, he was part of the start up of the business, and now also with the experience gained during years of dedication and commitment.
Domenico Lolli always places the selection of the fabric at the centre of his profession, which he carries out with sensitivity and taste and with a particular ability to interpret our times in an original way. He also places great emphasis on customer service, which is characterised by assistance, speed and punctuality of delivery to the customer.