Caccioppoli is always present in the heart of the historic center of Naples and has become a milestone for everyone who are lovers of bespoke tailoring and elegance.

Right now the Brothers Caccioppoli become a landmark in the city for the many tailors and for the bourgeoisie of the lover of the beautiful dress; between the 50s and 80s the company is renewed with the arrival of the third generation that carries on with the same passion the family tradition.
During this period the company provides tailor shops with the best fabrics, Italian and English: Loro Piana and Vitale Barberis Canonico and Zegna are some of the main suppliers selected by Fratelli Caccioppoli.​

Today the company’s core business is the “cut length service”: that is, the sale and distribution of the cuts of fabric at the best tailors and packages that do the be-spoke tailoring. Caccioppoli brand is now present throughout the world, in Italy as in Europe, in America as in Asia through the dissemination of our bunch. The distribution of the collections, which we created and implemented, takes place twice a year, in January for the summer season and in September for the winter: all fabrics, strictly made in Italy from the best wool mills of Biella, are made exclusively for and we have the selvedge customized Caccioppoli.