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Holland & Sherry

Holland & Sherry is a fabric mill founded in London in 1836 by Stephen George Holland and Frederick Sherry. Its head office is still on Savile Row.

From Its inception in 1836, when Stephen Holland and Frederick Sherry began as woolen merchants in London’s Golden Square, Holland & Sherry has specialized in the finest textiles for the apparel industry. Ranging from sumptuous wools and silks to rugged Scottish tweeds, the collection became the benchmark for quality and craft in the nineteenth century. Having established a regional reputation for providing the best in apparel cloths to tailors and luxury brands.
The production of fine fabrics starts with raw material, which is carefully sourced in New Zealand, Australia, and Patagonia. The natural materials are sorted, dyed, and then spun into various yarns including Its celebrated melange wool yarn. The fabrics are then woven, mended, and finished with the same care Its company has been known for since 1836. The state of the art machinery and artisan techniques insure continuity in producing the finest worsted wool qualities in the world. The simple fact that Its mill is fully vertical gives Holland & Sherry in house quality control as well as unparalleled flexibility in design.